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Moving Safety Features

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    Trolleys for Safe Carriage – Trolleys are used in the handling stage. These trolleys provide a lot of ease at the time of loading, unloading or moving the heavy objects from the carrier or to the carrier. Trolleys have a lot of benefits over physical handling, as it reduces the odds of the item to fall down, or getting fragmented or scratched, and also speed up the performance.

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    Safety Belts – We protect the electronic or heavy or electronic goods to a position by the walls of our Household Carriers with the help of the safety belts. These safety belts provide a solid grip to the belongings which protects them from getting harmed at the time when the carriers are brought to an end or during an accident. We have fixed these safety belts in all of our carriers to provide absolute safety to your shipment when it is under our observation. We take such effort in order to back our promises of safe transportation.

  • Right Time

    T-Corners (V-cut) – One thing that always concern us, is that no matter how carefully and thoroughly we handle your goods, the corners of the goods are bound to get harmed in a way or another. To handle this problem with a professional way, we researched-well and came up with the idea of T-Corners. This shows that we go to any extent to provide you an unapologetic shifting experience. T-Corners helps to protect the corners of your valuable belongings which include dining table, study table, dressing table, computer table, etc. It is a very easy method to protect the corners of your furniture. These fittings are installed at the corners of your furniture before shifting them.

  • Right Place

    Duct Tape – Duct Tape is such a tape which is sensitive to pressure and is coated with polyethylene which builds up loads of power to its stickiness. Duct Tape is used for numerous tasks, such as shrink wrapping or providing a powerful hold in the packing systems.

  • Glass Pipe – Glass pipes are used to guard the important cuts and edges of your valuable possessions which are made of glass mainly your glass tables, etc. Our packing techniques are systematic and meticulous, and this is the reason why we include Glass Pipes in our packing processes. Such Pipes come in different sizes and are semi-circular. These Glass Pipes are strong enough to bear and restrain shock impulses, thus keeping the attractiveness of the glass structures, which leaves you feeling happy at the end of the shift.

  • Single Bed Mattress – We utilize Single Bed Mattress to support our vow of handling your shifting process by infusing a vital component i.e., “care” into our course of action, which makes a huge difference. We do not move your mattresses for the benefit of moving it. We bestow our customers with a safe and secure space to keep your desired mattresses so that they are not left overlooked at the time of moving.

  • Car-Seat Cover - Car-Seat Cover are used to safeguard the seat of the driver of your cherished car. This is the way we take utmost care of the details and try to carry out our services with excellence. We do not want you to get disheartened on seeing the beautiful shape of your valuable car being tainted with any type of mark. Therefore, we have a preference of covering the seat first, subsequently forwarding our process of moving your car.