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Moving Do or Don't

For people who face qualms during shifting their dwellings, offices, etc, from one place to another, Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. ensures that “Apart from the location, nothing else changes” because we very well understand how dreary and frustrating shifting task can be. These tensions can end up in complete disaster if some major things are not taken into account. In contrast, if the packing and moving is done with efficiency and intelligence, shifting can become much simpler.

The Dos

  1. The most important step that matters is the planning of your shift in advance.
  2. Next is making a checklist to escape from any problems in future.
  3. Now comes the Sensible Packing, i.e., assembling all the equipments and tools that you will require. For this, make a list of all your needs which should include your entire chief and smaller objects; start with the boxes.
  4. These boxes should be strong, hard-wearing as they will be holding up all the way through multiple moves, keeping your things unbroken and secure, and making your investment worth the money.
  5. In addition, to ensure that in which box you have kept which particular item, it should be labeled using suitable stickers.
  6. Zero-transshipment to avoid breakage should also be taken into account.
  7. The medium that is going to be used for the moving should be properly prepared for long distance, so that no delays or obstruction could be faced throughout the transportation of the fragile and precious possessions.
  8. Appropriate insurance of the goods being moved should also been made, so that lest of any road accident, loss or pilferage, you can easily claim your estimated price.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t hurry to the act of packaging devoid of a proper layout that may lead to the skipping of unseen and small but vital steps in the packing process.
  2. The delicate items should not be packed along with the tough or heavier ones.
  3. Loose packaging of the boxes or the stuffs inside may also lead to the damage or breakage of the goods which are being packed and moved.
  4. The automobile or the means of transportation that is being confirmed for the shifting purpose must have passed all the required clearance and proper servicing done already, so that real time confusion can be avoided.
  5. At least one staff of the company appointed for shifting should escort your goods till the destination.