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Fraud Packing and Moving Companies on a Roll, Exposed!

We have encountered several cases of fake companies who try their best to lure innocent customers into their traps so that they can easily extract money from them to fulfill their selfish motives. For instance, if someone wants to shift their belongings from Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd, these fraud companies come into way by posing themselves as the original Agarwal by creating similar Logos or websites, claiming to be a part of the original Agarwal packers and Movers Ltd., and many more. By such deeds of the fraudsters, people naively get fooled as they are unaware about how to check for the original Agarwal.

It is beyond belief that the numbers of people who get trapped by the deceitful companies also include very educated and professional beings. This makes the point crystal clear that such fraudsters are very clever and make use of highly advanced technologies which helps them to succeed in making fool of lawyers, doctors, engineers, IT professionals, etc. Using such smart and advanced ways to trick commoners undoubtedly makes it easy to believe in the fraud companies’ false identification and false existence.

It has been studied that on an average, 87 people fall into the trap of fraudsters on daily basis. If you want to save yourself from such deceitful activity, then crosscheck the authenticity of the company before availing their service.

Below are some of the identification of the original Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. i.e., “us” –

With the intention of wiping off such deceitful turmoil, we have started taking severe actions against those tricksters whose fraudulent activities come to our attention.


How do they trap?