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Advantages of APML

Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. is one of the most renowned companies in transportation and logistics sector. About 60% of the country’s population, be it common people or corporate officials, relies on our service for the shifting of their goods. We have fruitfully shifted approximately 15.72lacs household goods till now which has eventually made us the Largest Mover of Household Goods in India and a Limca Book of Records Holder. Due to our presence in international market and widespread network of 1264 destinations in India, our company’s growth has increased in due course. We own 15lacs square feet of the most highly developed and protected warehouses as a part of our whole infrastructure. We, Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. have placed very high standards in the business of packing and moving by owning a matchless experience of more than three decades, a well-built infrastructure and a strong-minded team. With the help of superior techniques used by the professional, highly trained and experienced staff, our services are easily carried out to our beloved customers. Some of the most innovative techniques of ours are car carrier, trucking cube, double door household carrier, etc. Because of such qualities, our customers experience a great and memorable service. The advantages that the Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. provides are mentioned below -


Zero Transshipment

We do not believe in transshipping your goods from one carrier to another during the move. That is why; our innovative concept of Trucking Cube helps in zero transshipment of the goods during the journey and protects the goods from pilferage and damage during the shifting process.

Provision of maximum protection

We provide work for experienced and well-trained road team which includes escorts, labors, truck drivers, etc, who are well-informed in safe handling and driving practices so that your goods are delivered with utmost safety and security.

Content approval of part load

Now, we do not even support the idea of transshipping part load. Our unique and creative concept of Trucking Cube allows our price conscious customers to share the carrier without the fear of any transshipment during the journey.

100% cost-effective

We have modernized our shifting procedure and transportation methods so that we can endow you with reasonably priced and custom-made services. We provide high quality services at affordable price which eventually make us a customer-friendly moving service provider.

First-class packing

We do not believe in compromising on the safety of our customer’s goods. Thus, we have introduced the most highly developed packing methods in the industry to protect your valuable possessions from unwanted damage.

Instant resolution of claims

We believe in bestowing you with smooth services which are hassle-free. But, if your goods face damages or pilferage due to some unforeseen event during the journey, we use all our skills to provide a timely settlement of claims, thus, reinstating the efficiency in our services.

High esteem for customer response

Our Company is renowned for its innovative concepts which are possible only because of the customer feedback. We highly believe that customers are our first priority in terms of Quality Control which is a vital focus of our company.

Broad and diverse coverage

We endow you with broad and diverse coverage as our expert team is well-informed with the highways, streets, and traffic situations of the cities as well. Our entrenched and strong nationwide network lets us deliver your goods timely and safely.